How To Give Creativity a Place in The Office

Whether you work in a creative field or not, creativity in the workplace is something to be celebrated and encouraged. Chances are, no matter what type of company you work for, you probably have creative roles on your team. You want to make sure everyone has a place to express their creative freedom in order to perform and do their best work day to day. Read more for some tips on how to give creativity a place in the office.

Play music in the office (quietly)

Music is a great tool for creative expression in and outside of the office. Giving your team the opportunity to “play DJ” for the day will allow them to share music they enjoy while still getting work done. Set up some ground rules ahead of time about what kind of music is unprofessional and keep the volume at a minimum so as not to distract people who are working. 

Organize shared interest groups team members can join

A great way to encourage creativity in the office without interfering with work is to create interest groups, clubs or leagues. This will not only give space for creativity, but it will boost office culture and give your team a space to connect over shared interests. Maybe you could even have different groups host a lunch and learn to teach other office members new skills and hobbies!

Create flexible spaces in the office

It’s hard to spark creativity when you’re stuck sitting at the same desk in the same office space day in and day out. Make it a priority to set up flexible co-working areas in the office. Couches and comfy chairs, standing desks/workstations and bright, airy conference rooms are a good place to start. You can even encourage your team to get outside or work at a coffee shop for a couple hours if they need to switch it up. Never underestimate the power a change of scenery can have when it comes to getting those creative juices flowing!

Create an environment that is bright and colorful 

An easy way to make the office feel like a more creative space is to brighten it up. If your office doesn’t get a lot of natural light, consider investing in lighting that feels bright and sunny. Low, fluorescent lighting can make people feel tired and drained, which can stifle creativity. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with color when it comes to your decor. Green plants and bright, fun colors will make the place feel fresh and your mind feel open. 

Reduce clutter around the office

When you are living or working in a cluttered environment, it actually can overwhelm and crowd your mind. Clearing the area and living more minimalistically can help clear your head and allow you to think more creatively. If things are piling up around your office space, consider taking an inventory and getting rid of things you don’t need. You can get the whole team involved in making the office a more organized and creative space for everyone. 

Foster a positive culture that encourages expression

You can’t give creativity a place in the office if you don’t have a workplace culture that allows room for it in the first place. Work on fostering an environment where your team can be their true selves and express their unique qualities. That will lead to a more authentic, creative and collaborative office. 

Host creative and fun office events

Team events are a great way to bring everyone together and build culture. Try planning some creative-inspired events for your team! Go to a paint night together or have a cookie decorating contest for Christmas. Karaoke and happy hour is a fun and musical way to bond with your office. Whatever you do, do it together!

Give your team tools and equipment to play and experiment with 

Ask your team members what tools they need/want to do their jobs better and exercise more creativity. You may not be able to provide everything they ask for, but you can take into account some options to help them grow. Make conference rooms, smart tools and creative softwares available for people to experiment with on creative projects. You might be surprised what comes of it!


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