Skills You Need to Be a Successful Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you are the foundation upon which your boss, your department, or your entire company operates. You are the epicenter of all organizational processes, policies, and communications. While you may not have the most glamorous job in your organization, the importance of your role in keeping everyone around you on track cannot be overstated.

If you have recently conducted a job search, then you know that you are in a highly competitive tech-driven market. While your education is essential to land a job, your ability to refine and demonstrate your skills is even more crucial. What skills do you need to be a successful administrative assistant? Let’s find out below.

You Must Know Your Tech

Glassdoor recently released an article that listed essential skills for entry-level workers. Among them was a string of tech-driven abilities such as digital communication, Microsoft data processing, Analytics, some web skills, media-driven apps, social media, and the ability to collaborate using digital technology.

Superb Verbal & Written Communication

As an administrative assistant, you are on the frontlines of communication on all platforms. Whether you are answering phones, composing a message, posting to Facebook, or greeting clients, people will judge your entire company based on your ability to communicate positively and professionally.

You Must Be Organized

Something that doesn’t impress employers is your organizational skills. Why? Because it must already be assumed. If you are not organized, you won’t last a week in a business setting. As the employee who keeps the ship from sinking, you must account for your own organization, as well as the organization of those you work for.

Time Management

One of your most significant challenges as an administrative assistant will be to prioritize and balance all the demands and requests that come your way (probably from multiple bosses) on top of the responsibilities outlined in your job description. You’ll have to discern between what is important and what is Important!! You will also have to be skilled at finding the most efficient means for accomplishing any task.

You Need to Know Where to Find It

Resourcefulness is a highly valued commodity in any job. People have built their entire careers on knowing where the answers are, who to give them to, and in what context. Your ability to help others find answers on a wide range of items across multiple platforms will make you the go-to person in the office. You will also be considered the most credible person on the entire staff.

You Need to Get in the Weeds

If it is true that you are on the frontlines of communication coming in, you are definitely the last line of defense for anything going out. Therefore, as an administrative assistant, your nose must be in the details of every corporate transaction that crosses your desk. You are responsible for grammar and spelling, mathematical accuracy, keeping schedules straight, recalling facts, clarifying statements, placing orders, reminders, and an endless pipeline of other details that could make or break your company.

As an administrative assistant, you need to be able to summon your skills at will in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. If you can anticipate needs and provide unwavering assistance to your team when they need it, you will become an invaluable asset that helps your company meet its corporate goals while experiencing unprecedented growth.

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