3 Workplace Tech Partnerships You Should Know About

Picture this: it’s the summer of 2021, your entire team is fully vaccinated, and you’re FINALLY ready to start laying out your return to office plans. Management has decided on a hybrid model, and your employees are thrilled about the possibility of their new schedule. But there’s one tiiiiny problem: none of you really know what it takes to get a hybrid workplace up and running (and running well). How will you manage fluctuating headcounts, various projects, and employee perks all while making sure that everyone in the office is safe, healthy, and happy?

Luckily, our friends in the SAAS space have our backs. As we have been discussing our returns to the office, they have been discussing how to help get us there. New integrations are being created every day that can fit any hybrid office’s needs; from project management to employee meal plan operations to office attendance, you can manage your entire workplace using technology solutions created specifically for post-pandemic office life. So who do we have our eyes on?

Wrike + Salesforce

Many of us know Salesforce as the ultimate CRM system that is now a staple in the workplace tech space. They unite your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams from anywhere, which is perfect for hybrid models. They claim their 360 platform allows your employees to focus on what’s important right now: “stabilizing your business, reopening, and getting back to delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

When integrated with Wrike, a project management tool used by companies like Google and Hootsuite, you can take your Salesforce operations from just “good” to “great”. According to Wrike’s site, “Wrike can turn siloed interactions into a cohesive project, able to span across multiple teams. Instead of spending disproportionate amounts of time on admin tasks, your sales teams can get what they need when they need it — and have the full visibility to know what’s been done for a customer or lead.” 

Overall, this integration is great for those working in a hybrid space as it allows you to gain full visibility into what’s been done for each client by each employee, no matter where they are located or which team they were on. It also creates automated workflows and streamlines requests, making it easier to deliver tasks on time and report on project statuses to the entire team.

Envoy +

For “return to the office” season, Envoy has ramped up its integrations to ensure that there would be no office tech stones left unturned. One of the best of the bunch, though, is their collaboration with, a corporate catering company. partnered with Envoy to provide integrated technology solutions that can be perfectly tailored to your office needs, making managing your workplace and catering program all in one place a breeze. The goal of the collaboration is simple: to help you optimize your return to the office without sacrificing your company’s culture, all while making your office administrators’ jobs even easier.

This integration was created with hybrid teams in mind as both companies’ safety protocols are second to none. In addition to’s comprehensive safety enhancements surrounding meal delivery, Envoy allows you to manage your office’s capacity and prevent employees from entering the space if it is full. In addition, Envoy also gathers office attendance data to provide insights on your team that will allow you to plan for your future workspace.

Those features can also bolster employee meal programs as Envoy’s technology will not allow users to order meals through the platform if they were not approved to be in the office that day. Better yet, it eliminates the need to monitor how many employees will be in the office to ensure that there will be enough food for all; can use previous attendance data and automatically order additional meals to make sure everyone is getting fed. We’ve all been there when an employee has forgotten to order lunch (or we have forgotten to order lunch ourselves)!

Proofhub + Slack

Slack has become a staple in many remote work environments, allowing teams to bring all of their communications to one easy-to-use platform. But what if you could manage your projects on Slack as well? That’s where Proofhub comes in.

With this integration, you can create tasks and work through Proofhub without ever leaving Slack. You can add these tasks directly to projects and can see all project details right on Slack so no work ever falls through the cracks as your team moves in and out of the office. It also allows you to streamline cross-team collaboration, notifying anyone on the project when there are new developments made by their colleagues.

This integration is all about organization. You can check task status, assign employees to specific projects, set deadlines, and mark tasks as completed all on one platform. Everyone will be on the same page with their new ability to sync conversations, add comments, and receive updates without having to switch tabs. Organization is truly key when your team is dispersed, so check this one out if your employees struggle to stay aligned!


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