Which Recruiting Software is Right For My Company?

With many businesses taking the summer to get back on their feet post-pandemic, it isn’t a shock that many hiring efforts are beginning to ramp up as we head deeper into Q3. If your company has decided to bring more people onto the team, you may be wondering: what is the best way to reach potential employees?

With all of the recruiting software available today, it can be difficult to navigate which would work best for your company’s hiring needs. We all know about Linkedin, Indeed, and Ziprecruiter, but what other options are out there? Let’s take a look at three out-of-the-norm hiring platforms to see which could help you find your newest new hire!


WayUp has slowly been making its way onto the recruiting scene, and they have a very specific demographic: college students and recent grads. So while this may not be the solution to your higher-level hiring needs, it is a great platform for finding entry-level talent for your company.

With WayUp, you can post your positions with specific criteria, and wait for those who match that profile to apply. And luckily, you won’t have to wade through a bunch of irrelevant applications; with this platform, only those who fit the bill are notified!

If you want to use this platform, they have a Basic Platform Access plan giving you access to more than 6 million candidates. This plan also includes…

  • Company profile for your candidate to learn more about the company
  • Unlimited jobs with candidates fed into your ATS
  • A customer success manageer to provide you with best practices, data analysis, and more
  • Automated concierge sourcing to find cadidates for you
  • Standard anayltics dashboard tht gives you actionable insights to track applicants
  • Digital screening to weed out unqualified applicants

They offer a la carte add ons to their plan, and pricing depends on the package!


Are you a start-up or a small business looking to grow your team? Workable may be the perfect platform for you. It provides recruitment tools, processes, and automation in one easy-to-use solution. They even claim that companies who use their service get to the offer letter stage of the recruitment process faster!

When you submit a posting through Workable, their software shares the posting to more than 200 job sites. It also provides users with 700+ job descriptions that are optimized for search and job board performance, making your life a whole lot easier.

Workable has four tiers of paid plans, with the first one being a self-serve pay as you go option. Paygo tier is $99 per job per month, and includes…

  • More than 200 job boards
  • E signatures for offer letters
  • AI-powered sourcing capabilities
  • HRIS and ZOOM integrations

Then comes the Core (good for smaller companies), Growth (good for cmapnies looking to hire at scale), and Premier (good for those looking for top tier service) plans, all including the enhancements to the original Paygo plan. Contact them for further pricing information.


For a more in-depth approach to the recruiting process, why not try iCIMS? Their massive platform does everything from social recruiting to applicant tracking to onboarding. Essentially, they are the recruiting solution for companies that don’t want to stop the hiring process at sourcing.

Overall, they help businesses at war for top talent manage their entire hiring process with scalable, easy-to-use solutions. They also have solutions to help your internal talent realize their potential for growth within your organization!

Their plans vary by function and strategy. Their talent cloud can be customized to your company’s needs, and you can learn more about their product offerings here.

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