Approaching Networking in a New City as An Office Professional

Picture this: You just moved to a new city — maybe it’s for work, maybe it’s for personal reasons. You don’t know anyone. You want to make new friends and network so you can grow your career. Where do you start, though? It can be difficult to know how to approach networking in a brand new place where you don’t have any connections. Taking the leap to move is already scary enough. It’s important to build a networking community to get you plugged in and stay motivated. We’ve done some research and found some resources to help you start networking in a new city as an office professional. Read more. 

Try a Networking App

Nowadays, it seems almost anything can be done online. It’s important to take advantage of the technological world we live in and there’s no exception when it comes to networking. You can actually meet and connect with tons of business professionals in your area just be swiping on your phone. There are several apps for this, but we think there are three that stand out among the rest. Download these networking apps onto your phone right away when you move to a new city:


  • LinkedIn
    It’s no secret that LinkedIn is number one when it comes to business networking. And with over 560 million users, it’s no surprise why. It’s the perfect place to use your vast network of business associates and colleagues to make new connections in your city. 
  • Shapr
    Think tinder, but for business. This app allows you to swipe right or left on business professionals in your area that you may want to connect with. There is a free version, but for a monthly fee you can boost your profile and swipe through more people per day. 
  • Bumble Bizz
    This is the same idea as Shapr, but through a dating app you may have already used before. You can easily switch between Bumble dating, BFF and Bizz. Bumble Bizz allows you to meet with professionals in your area and advertise your skills and expertise.


Join a Coworking Space 

Even if you have an office at your current job, joining a coworking space could be a great option for you. It’s a great escape from the office when you need a change of scenery or if you have side projects you want to work on. It’s also a great networking opportunity. You never know who you’ll be working alongside on any given day and might have the chance to connect with. Here are a few of our favorite coworking spaces we think you should check out:


  • WeWork
    WeWork pretty much has it all – from custom spaces, to move-in ready offices, to co-working areas — you’re covered. It’s a great place to meet people from all different areas of expertise and start making connections. It’s one of the top rated co-working spaces for a reason. 
  • The Wing
    This women’s co-working space is an instagrammable wonderland that screams “girl boss.” They only have a few locations in major cities, but are continuing to expand and grow their network. If you’re looking for a place to network and collaborate with other business women in your city, The Wing might be worth checking out. 
  • Greendesk
    If you live in the NYC area and are looking for an eco-friendly co-working space, Greendesk is probably your best bet. They have multiple packages to choose from and they even allow furry friends!


Attend Meetups

Meetups are a great way to meet and connect with office professionals in your area. It doesn’t just have to be a networking meetup either! You can download the Meetup App or go online and find a group that interests you. When you are connecting with people you share common interests with, chances are there may be networking opportunities there. See what is available in your city!

If you live in the New York City area, Office Heroes League hosts networking meetups right here in the city. Check out our next event coming up on November 12. Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing, here.

Focus on Making Quality Connections

A common misconception when it comes to networking is that you need to connect and meet with as many people as possible. The problem with this is that having lots of superficial connections likely won’t get you very far. It’s better to focus on making a few deep connections that will take you places and help you make more connections down the line. Yes, meet as many people as you can initially, but then focus on and nurture the relationships that you really want to grow. This will get you a lot farther in the long run and help you reach your career goals faster!

Say Yes

You may have heard this before and it’s true! Saying, “Yes!” is one of the best ways to get ahead and start networking in a new place. When you move and start a new job, you’ll likely be presented with lots of opportunities. Whether this is taking on additional projects or volunteering for a team event or even justs grabbing drinks with some coworkers, just say yes! Try to be included in as much as you can (within reason) while you’re transitioning. You might be surprised by the different people you meet and the things you get to learn and be involved in. This is a great way to get started and figure out what you like and don’t like in a new place. 


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