6 Apps Office Managers Need to Stay Organized

You’re already an office superhero, helping your CEO stay on track, fulfilling even the oddest requests for dinner reservations or event tickets, and ensuring the company runs like a well-oiled machine. But even the toughest of superheroes requires an arsenal of tools to make life easier.

Where would Captain America be without his shield? Thor without his hammer? Iron Man without Jarvis — or Pepper Potts, for that matter. And, of course, Pepper Potts — the ultimate executive assistant — embraces the latest tech to help Tony Stark run Stark Enterprises.

What apps do successful office managers need to stay organized? We leaped tall buildings … okay, no we actually just surfed the Apple and Google Play stores relentlessly to find the best apps for office managers.

1. Slack

Every organization needs a high-quality instant messaging app, and Slack is one of the best. This “collaboration hub” does more than let individuals or teams communicate via text, though. Transition to a voice or video call within the app, search for files, and even assign tasks within the app.

2. Todoist

It’s hard to be successful without a to-do list or some way of keeping track of tasks on hand. Todoist puts it all in the palm of your hands, with the capability to set up recurring tasks, delegate responsibilities, and even color-coding tasks and projects by importance.

Todoist integrates with apps like Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive to make organization and communication seamless.

3. Evernote

Sometimes you don’t need to reference a whole to-do list; you just need to jot down a quick reminder for yourself. Evernote Basic, a free app, lets you take notes or make lists, share them with others, and access them from any device. You can even save photos and voice memos.

Evernote Premium, a paid upgrade, lets you manage projects. Evernote Business adds collaboration capabilities and integrates with programs like Slack, Google Drive, and Salesforce as part of a unified communications strategy.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is quickly replacing disparate programs with a cloud-based solution for writing and editing, spreadsheets, graphic presentations, and even file storage. Downloading the Drive app lets you access everything you store in your Drive account directly from your mobile device, no matter where you might be.

5. Trello

When it comes to project management, there are dozens of high-quality solutions to choose from, such as Asana, Monday, and Teamwork. For the visually oriented, Trello is one of the easiest to use.

Trello is laid out like a storyboard, with rows of “lists.” You can then add as many cards as you want to each list. Each card can contain any information you need — tasks, resources, ideas, etc. For anyone who wants a simple task management solution, Trello fits the bill.

6. Award Wallet

Booking travel and purchasing office supplies are probably parts of your job as an office manager. And you want to be sure you’re saving your company money by using rewards when you make a purchase. While it’s easy to keep track of a single corporate rewards credit card, managing free rewards programs for things like office supplies, dining, and frequent flyer miles can get complicated.

An app like Award Wallet tracks expiration dates on your points and lets you know about special deals, so you can impress your boss by saving more money in less time.

How to Choose the Best Apps

Office managers have dozens of choices when it comes to project management and communications apps. This article highlights a handful of best-in-class solutions.

When it comes to finding the best apps to help you stay organized, consider the interface, the capabilities, integrations with other apps, and how easy it will be for others in your office to use if necessary.

If an app isn’t “sticky,” or easy, engaging, and useful, you’ll find employees resistant to its adoption. An app that nobody uses won’t help anybody.

On the other hand, find apps that employees can adopt into their workflow to simplify common tasks, and you’ll cement your role as the workplace organization superhero.

Office heroes use all the resources they can get their hands on to bring their A-game to the office. Sign up for the Office Heroes League newsletter for more helpful tips on being the superhero in your office!


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